Failure is not an Option - EP (2010)

Bound By Nothing's latest EP entitled "Failure is not an Option" is a 4 song EP that has been released 100% for free as part of the band's celebration of their three year anniversary. This preview album is intended to introduce new listeners to the band as well as to give longtime fans a taste of what is to come on the first full length album; due out in the spring of 2011.  The leading track, Roll Tide, was initially intended to be on the Color Line, but was dropped due to time constraints of getting that album out by early 2010. Ten, is a ballad that has been long in preparation as the spiritual successor to the band's smash hit "Hold On". The EP is rounded out by two remakes of the most requested songs from the band's first disc, "Nine Thirty in Kansas".

Legacy - EP (2010)

For the uninitiated, Legacy may seem out of place. In the BxN cannon, Legacy falls somewhere between Nine Thirty in Kansas and The Color Line, but was produced subsequent of both. Legacy is the reproduction of what was known as the "Winter" demo of late 2008. It was this collection of songs that were the core of BxN's online presence during the missing NTIK EP. Though heavily requested, the Winter demo was never distributed as anything other than a rough bootleg between hardcore BxN fans. After finishing the Color Line, BxN headed back to the studio to complete the previously abandoned project including the original version of "You Are" aka "Hold On". Just like The Color Line, Legacy is BxN at it's finest, displaying the ability to "cross genres" at a whim without compromising the sonic integrity of the band.

The Color Line - EP (2010)

After heavily hitting the club scene, Bound By Nothing entered the studio for the first time in January 2009 to begin work on what would become "The Color Line". After attracting the attention of Grammy nominated producer David Ivory (Halstorm, The Roots, Molly Hatchet), the band went on the record the seminal track "Hold On". As a single, "Hold On" catapulted the band to regional recognition by being voted the best song in MTV2's Breakout Philly competition by the general public. Amidst roster changes and an ever straining show schedule, the band was able to hang in and continue to produce 7 more songs to create "The Color Line". The CD, set to be released January 16, 2010 is the first "true" Bound By Nothing recording and contains both road tested songs and brand new tracks straight from the studio. This is the true beginning....

Nine Thirty in Kansas - EP (2008)

Produced by Jason Rubal of Seventh Wave Studios, Bound By Nothing's freshman release "Nine Thirty in Kansas" was the band's first attempt at capturing "the sound" that had fans flocking to their early shows. Recorded shortly after the band's formation, NTIK was more of a reflective piece and a collection of the member's previous projects' music. The undeniable tones of Facing Eviction (Jim Dallett/Ray Merckx) were evident in the harder hitting tracks "Step Back" and "Alone" while the more alternative indie sound of Dark November (Matt Clarke/Norman Hibbs) can be found on "Live Free" and "Otaku".

The urge to immediately release a CD, unfortunately, meant that most of the songs subsequently written and performed had a different vibe than the product the band was selling at shows. The decision was made early in the supporting tour of NTIK to scale back the release and wait till the band could record the music that was more reflective of the current writing and maturing of the band. Nine Thirty in Kansas is thus a collector's item for fans as it's release time was limited.